Leatherbarrow Grade 2

Week of April 6

Dear Parents:

As both teachers and parents, the grade 2 teachers appreciate that families are now dealing with many changes. While the Minister of Education has suggested that students in grade 2 participate in learning activities for 1 hour per day, you are certainly not expected to spend this time directly teaching your child. Do what you can, when you can, and try to have fun while you are doing it. It may be easier to break this time up into smaller chunks of independent learning combined with activities completed with an adult. We do not want to cause any additional anxiety for families right now.

Attached, you will find a weekly activity chart which includes some learning activities that can be done without technology plus links to online educational songs, books, and interactive games. You do not have to print this chart to use it. Your child can use these activities to practice and reinforce skills. This is just a guide to help you plan your day/week. Please feel free to pick and choose the activitiesthat work best for you. You may want to start with one of the suggested activities and make up your own that are similar if your child wants to do more.

This letter and the activity sheet can be found on the website mrsboyle.ca. It also has math tip sheets for parents, extra home practice sheets, and educational website links. If you do not have a copy of the sight word list sent home for your child, they can be found on this website. We hope to send a new activity chart weekly by e-mail and will continue to add new resources to the website. Remember, we are here to support you and will be checking in very soon. I will be sending login information for RAZ-Kids to you individually. Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy!

Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Kierstead

Links to Government Sites:

Continuity of learning, graduation plans

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