Leatherbarrow Grade 2

Week of April 27

Hello Everyone,

It finally felt like spring this weekend! We loved the Earth Day photos and work that you sent and posted them on our website at mrsboyle.ca/photos.html. We would love to have more photos to post.

Attached you will find our newsletter and Home Learning activities for the week. We also included a parent tip sheet on adding a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number. Mr. B and Miss Creighton will be making some of our calls this week but we are just an email away.

Please see the letter below from Mrs. Brenton.

That's it for now.

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Kierstead

Hi, parents/guardians:

I hope you are doing well at home and your children are happy and healthy. I've asked your homeroom teacher to attach both the weekly phys ed newsletter and an extra activity (Skeeball) to their correspondence with you. Both are also uploaded to my website should you prefer to go that route. Have a great week!


Mrs. Brenton